Why hire Premier Property Management Services to manage your investment property?

Yes, there are many property management companies out there. For this reason, you are probably asking yourself – why should I hire you?

First and foremost: Unlike our competition, property management is ALL we do!  

While many real estate firms mix property management into their operations as a supplemental service, Premier Property Management Services is exclusively a full-time, full service property management company.

A meticulous approach to property management is essential since it is all-day, around-the-clock responsibility. At Premier Property Management Services, we have the staff, the tools and the experience to pay attention to your property and support your tenants 24/7. 

We also use state of the art technology and time-tested, fully-documented policies and industry-recommended procedures which help us set the standard as the leading full-service property management company in the Western Pennsylvania region. 

We understand how important your investment is to you. Therefore, we’ll go above and beyond to meet your expectations. What’s more, our twenty-plus years of industry experience has helped us know what works and what doesn’t.

There are many property management companies out there. So, what makes us stand ahead of the competition? 

1. Consistent Proactive Marketing

From placing “For Rent” signs to posting your listing on over fifty rental listing sites, and advertising available listings in multiple local publications, we’ll help market your property to as many prospects as possible. With our help, you’ll be able to get your property rented quickly and generate cash flow from your investment.

2. Tenant Placement and Screening

Finding the right tenant is one of the most important parts of having an income producing property. Evaluating applicants requires extensive research, time, and resources. We screen our tenants for rental history, income, criminal background, credit score, bank balances, and employment verification.

3. Compliance

There are a multitude of laws and regulations to abide by when renting and maintaining your rental property. These include local, state and federal regulations, as well as fair housing regulations. Given that property management is all we do, we are well-versed in landlord-tenant laws. Therefore, we will help you remain legally compliant.

4. Efficient Rent Processes

At Premier Property Management Services, we take rent matters seriously. Our approach to rent collection allows us to remain in control of all tenant related issues regarding nonpayment of rent and enforcement of the lease. In addition, each tenant is treated respectfully and fairly, as a positive relationship with a tenant leads to timely rent payments as well as better care for your property.

From the time we list your property, take a tenant application, collect rent and make payment to our property owners, we pay meticulous attention to details and have efficient processes to handle each process – including evictions, when necessary.

5. Financial Reporting

There are a lot of tedious responsibilities that go into property management. One of the vital tasks of a property manager is to stay on top of your property’s financials so that you can manage them effectively.

As a client of Premier Property Management Services, we provide a monthly Owner Statement Summary which breaks down income and expenses on the property each month as well as a yearly Property Profit and Loss statement that goes out with tax documents related to the property Furthermore, we also provide a bi-weekly report of activity while units are vacant.

6. Coordinate Maintenance Requests

Maintenance is a necessary responsibility in property management. Furthermore, the return on your investment can be significantly impacted without timely, cost-effective repairs and upkeep.

Premier Property Management Services has an extensive network of contractors and vendors to handle property maintenance and repairs.

In addition, partnerships with national and local vendors provide discounted equipment and services and assist in minimizing maintenance expenses. We a have an emergency hotline available for tenants to call and only use licensed and insured vendors who warranty their work.

7. Maximize the Profitability of Your Time

We provide recommendations on preparing your property for rent, assistance in determining fair market rent and show your property to prospective tenants. This saves you tremendous time that you can spend on other profit-making activities or just have more time to enjoy your life. We strive in all respects to provide prompt, professional, competent, courteous, and accurate service to both owners and tenants. Residential property management can be a difficult business, which is why more investors are
placing their properties in the hands of professional managers. Whether you own one rental or a large portfolio of investment properties, Premier Property Management Services has the expertise on which you can rely on and trust.