Beaver County Property Management

Are you looking for an experienced property manager in Beaver County, Pennsylvania?

For over 25 years, our company has helped real estate investors in Beaver County get their life back! Unlike our competition, property management is ALL we do. 

While many real estate firms mix property management into their operations as an afterthought, Premier Property Management Services business structure is designed to exclusively manage and market real estate investment properties.

We understand how important your investment is to you. Therefore, we’ll go above and beyond to meet your expectations.

A meticulous approach to property management is essential since it is all-day, around-the-clock responsibility. At Premier Property Management Services, we have the staff, the tools and the experience to pay attention to your property and support your tenants 24/7. 

We also use state of the art technology and time-tested, fully-documented policies and industry-recommended procedures which help us set the standard as the leading full-service property management company in Beaver County. 

Also, if you are looking to relocate in the Beaver County area, feel free to contact us. We have a good grasp of what is going on in the region and may be able to provide valuable tips that can help you get the best information possible about your move to the area. Furthermore, if you are looking for a place to live, check out our current available listings.

Municipalities in Beaver County

City of Aliquippa 581 Franklin Avenue Aliquippa, PA 15001 Phone: 724-375-5188 Website
Ambridge Borough 600 11th Street Ambridge, PA 15003 Phone: 724-266-4070      Website
Baden Borough 149 State Street Baden, PA 15005 Phone: 724-869-3700
Beaver Borough 469 Third Street Beaver, PA 15009 Phone: 724-773-6700 Website
Big Beaver Borough 114 Forest Drive Darlington, PA 16115 Phone: 724-827-2416
City of Beaver Falls 715 15th Street Beaver Falls, PA 15010 Phone: 724-847-2808
Bridgewater Borough 199 Boundary Lane Bridgewater, PA 15009 Phone: 724-774-7615 Website
Brighton Township 1300 Brighton Road Beaver, PA 15009 Phone: 724-774-4800 Website
Center Township 224 Center Grange Road Aliquippa, PA 15001 Phone: 724-774-0271”>Website
Chippewa Township 2811 Darlington Road Beaver Falls, PA 15010 Phone: 724-843-8177 Website
Conway Borough 1208 Third Avenue Conway, PA 15027 Phone: 724-869-5550
Darlington Borough P.O. Box 8 Darlington, PA 16115 Phone: 724-827-8565
Darlington Township 3590 Darlington Road Darlington, PA 16115 Phone: 724-827-8738 Website
Daugherty Township 2182 Mercer Road New Brighton, PA 15066 Phone: 724-846-5337 Website
East Rochester Borough 760 Spruce Avenue East Rochester, PA 15074 Phone: 724-775-0363
Eastvale Borough 510 Second Avenue Eastvale Beaver Falls, PA 15010 Phone: 724-846-0020
Economy Borough 2856 Conway Wallrose Road Baden, PA 15005 Website
Fallston Borough 158 Beaver Street New Brighton, PA 15066 Phone: 724-846-1865 Website
​Frankfort Springs Borough 3371 State Route 18 Hookstown, PA 15050 Phone: 724-947-5178
Franklin Township 897 State Route 288 Fombell, PA 16123 Phone: 724-758-9702 Website
Freedom Borough 901 Third Avenue Freedom, PA 15042 Phone: 724-728-5744 Website
Georgetown Borough P.O. Box 15 Georgetown, PA 15043 Phone: 724-573-9808
Glasgow Borough 174 Route 68 Midland, PA 15059 Phone: (330) 303-3940
Greene Township P.O. Box 181 262 Pittsburgh Grade Road Hookstown, PA 15050 Phone: 724-573-1111 Website
Hanover Township 2731 State Route 18 Hookstown, PA 15050 Phone: 724-899-2642 Website
Harmony Township 2501 Woodland Road Ambridge, PA 15003 Phone: 724-266-1910
Homewood Borough 102 Second Avenue Beaver Falls, PA 15010 Phone: 724-971-6891
Hookstown Borough 262 Main Street, P.O. Box. 176 Hookstown, PA 15050 Phone: 724-573-0865
Hopewell Township 1700 Clark Blvd. Aliquippa, PA 15001 Phone; 724-378-1460 Website
Independence Township 104 School Road Aliquippa, PA 15001 Phone: 724-378-3739 Website
Industry Borough P.O. Box 249 Industry, PA 15052 Phone: 724-643-4360
Koppel Borough 3437 3rd Avenue P.O. Box 1 Koppel, PA 16136 Phone/Fax: 724-846-8960
Marion Township 485 Hartzell School Road Fombell, PA 16123 Phone: 724-452-1986
Midland Borough 936 Midland Avenue Midland, PA 15059 Phone: 724-643-4170
Monaca Borough 928 Pennsylvania Avenue Monaca, PA 15061 Phone: 724-775-9600 Website
New Brighton Borough 610 Third Avenue New Brighton, PA 15066 Phone: 724-846-1870 Website
​New Galilee Borough P.O. Box 465 New Galilee, PA 16141 Phone/Fax: 724-336-3204 Website
New Sewickley Township 233 Miller Road Rochester, PA 15074 Phone: 724-774-7822 Website
North Sewickley Township 893 Mercer Road Beaver Falls, PA 15010 Phone: 724-843-5826
Ohioville Borough 6268 Tuscarawas Road Industry, PA 15052-1924 Phone: 724-643-1920”>Website
Patterson Township 1600 19th Avenue Beaver Falls, PA 15010 Phone: 724-843-8339
Patterson Heights Borough 600 7th Avenue Beaver Falls, PA 15010 Phone: 724-846-0677 Website
Potter Township 206 Mowry Road Monaca, Pa 15061 Phone: 724-495-6220 Website
Pulaski Township 3401 Sunflower Road New Brighton, PA 15066 Phone: 724-843-5247
Raccoon Township 1234 State Route 18 Aliquippa, PA 15001 Phone: 724-495-6587 Website
Rochester Borough 350 Adams Street Rochester, PA 15074 Phone: 724-775-1200 Website
Rochester Township 1013 Elm Street Rochester, PA 15074 Phone: 724-774-0135
Shippingport Borough P.O. Box 76 Shippingport, PA 15077 Phone: 724-643-4333 Website
South Beaver Township 1164 State Route 168 Darlington, PA 16115 Phone: 724-846-9320
South Heights Borough 4069 Jordan Street South Heights, PA 15081 Phone: 724-378-9939
Vanport Township 477 State Avenue Vanport, PA 15009 Phone: 724-774-6420
West Mayfield Borough 4609 West 8th Avenue Beaver Falls, PA 15010 Phone: 724-847-1867 Website
White Township 2511 13th Avenue Beaver Falls, PA 15010 Phone: 724-843-2819

School Districts:

Aliquippa School District
Ambridge Area School District
Beaver Area School District
Big Beaver Falls Area School District
Blackhawk School District
Central Valley School District
Freedom Area School District
Hopewell Area School District
Midland Borough School District
New Brighton Area School District
Riverside Beaver County School District
Rochester Area School District
South Side Area School District
Western Beaver County School District

High Schools:

Aliquippa High School
Ambridge Area High School
Beaver Area High School
Beaver County Christian High School
Beaver Falls High School
Big Beaver Area High School
Blackhawk High School
Central Valley High School
Freedom Area High School
Hopewell High School
Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School
New Brighton High School
Quigley Catholic High School
Riverside High School
Rochester Area High School
South Side Beaver High School
Western Beaver High School