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  • Application Fee is $20.00 per Applicant. Fee is non-refundable and must be presented with application tobe processed. Cash, check or money order will be accepted as payment. Credit and debit cards are NOT accepted. Application processing begins within 24 hours of receipt. Applicants who are not approved will receive notice by mail.
  • All prospective tenants 18 and older must complete the application and provide all necessary information requested. Provide names and ages of children where indicated.
  • Provide copies of photo ID for all applicants [and co-signers if applicable].
  • Provide two years’ rental history including dates, rent & landlord contact info OR mortgage amount, mortgage contact information. If you resided with family or friends, provide contact information of property owner for verification.
  • Provide all sources of income information. Employed applicants must provide two most recent paycheck stubs and employer contact information for verification. Applicants who receive alternate sources of income [SSI, SSD, child support, subsidy checks, alimony, public assistance, food stamps, CAP etc.], must provide documentation as proof of income [disbursement letter, automatic deposit, etc].
  • Security Deposit is equal to one month rent. Applicants are encouraged to submit Security Deposit with application as consideration to lease property. Funds must be in a separate cash, check, or money order payment. Deposit is required upon application approval. Application will be presented to Landlord upon receipt of Security Deposit. See attached Advance Payment Addendum for further details.
  • Checks and money orders payable to: Premier Property Management Services or PPMS
  • Pets may be permitted upon authorization from Owner. Monthly pet fee starts at $25.00 for EACH cat or cat-sized dog. A Pet Deposit starting at $250.00 is required for EACH pet under 25 lbs. Fees and Deposits may be increased based upon age, weight, breed, and number of animals.
  • PROHIBITED DOGS: Akita, Alaskan Malamute, American Staffordshire Terrier, Bullmastiff, Chow Chow, Doberman Pinscher, Great Dane, Pitbull, Presna Canario, Rottweiler, Siberian Husky, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Wolf hybrids or any mix of these breeds.
  • Animals other than dogs & cats are subject to approval. Fees and deposits may apply.
  • Service, Assistance, and Therapy animals must have written authorization from a licensed physician.
  • PPMS is an Equal Opportunity Broker representing the Owner of the property. The Consumer Notice at top of application must be signed by all applicants acknowledging Applicant is self-represented. PPMS complies with the Fair Housing Act.
  • An application may be denied for any of the following: Felony convictions involving crimes against children & property, violent offenses, drug-related offenses, and theft; Magisterial evictions and civil judgements; credit delinquencies; insufficient income to rent ratio; rental history and / or Inability to obtain RENTER’S INSURANCE. Under terms of the PA Assn of Realtors Lease Agreement, Tenants must obey all Federal, State, & Local laws and ordinances. A copy of the lease agreement is available upon request.
  • Applicants may submit a Letter of Explanation to address any negative circumstances which may be discovered during the application process. Each application is reviewed on a case by case situation.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside all properties managed by PPMS.
  • Applications are generally processed in 24-72 hours. Applicants who are not approved will receive notice by mail.
  • Checks and money orders payable to: Premier Property Management Services.
  • Office hours: Monday – Friday [9:00 – 5:00], Saturday: by appointment, Sunday: CLOSED